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Thanksgiving Flounder & Trout Classic Rules

  1. BOUNDARIES-  Boats may fish from the Little River draw bridge to the ADM dock in the Cape Fear River.  No ocean fishing. 
  2. Prizes are awarded to the boat/team.  This is not an individual competition.
  3. Lines in at 6:00am.  All boats must be in weigh-in line by 4:00pm.  If you are not in line to be weighed in at the Ocean Isle Fishing Center by 4:00pm then you are not eligible to weigh fish in the tournament.
  4. Cast netting is permitted prior to 6:00am.
  5. Only one prize is permitted per boat.
  6. NCDMF size limits and rules apply.
  7. A boat may not be trailered at any time during competition hours. 
  8. No overland transport of fish.
  9. Any protests or disputes must be brought to the attention of the tournament committee within 1 hour after the last fish has been weighed.  All protests must be accompanied by a $100 deposit.
  10. All decisions made by the tournament committee are final.

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