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How To - Jigging

Jig fishing has become very popular over the past year and is quickly catching on here in the Carolinas.  The style offers the oppotunity to catch Grouper, Amberjack and other bottomfish in more a "light-tackle" style.  It is very effective and the equipment that was designed for this style of fishing is changing tackle concepts in all fishing.  Below are some tips and techniques that will help you get into and be successful jig fishing.

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Jigging Equipment


Jigging Equipment

Jigging Equipment

by Capt. Brant McMullan


When you are jig fishing you want to use a lightweight rod that won’t wear you out, but is also stout enough to handle a big fish.  For this application, we recommend and sell the Shimano Trevalla jigging rod.   This rod was specifically developed for jig fishing as it combines the above elements of being lightweight and super strong.  

SPINNING:  The Trevalla TVS- 58XXH is a 5’8” “meat stick” spinning rod.  To look at it you’d never guess, but it rated for 80-200# braided line.  We couple this rod with a Shimano Stradic 8000FI that we spool with 200 yards of 80# braid.  The end result is a serious spinning outfit that is ideal for jigging Grouper and Amberjack in 100+ foot depths.  This is the outfit that I carry on his offshore trips.  The other version of this setup that the OIFC sells is the Trevalla TVS-66MH which is a 6’ 6” rod that is rated for 65-100 pound braided line.  We couple this rod with the Shimano Stradic 8000FI and spool with 300 yards of 65# braid.  This setup means business too, however, the rod has more action and thus is more versatile than the 58XXH rod.  You could use this rod for medium duty fishing for Grouper, Snapper and Jacks as well as light lining to Cobia, Dolphin or even King Mackerel. 

CONVENTIONAL:  The Trevalla TVC-58XH is a 5’8” “meat stick” conventional style rod.  It is rated for 80-200# braid.  We couple this rod with a Shimano Tyrnos 16 and spool on 400 yards of 80# braid.  The result is a rod that can be used as a heavy duty jigging outfit for Grouper, Amberjack…. OR it can also be used as a Gulf Stream trolling rod.  You’ve got plenty of line and the outfit is certainly strong enough.  The other version the OIFC carries is the Trevalla TVC-66MH which is a 6’6” rod that is rated for 65-100 pound braided line.  We again use the Tyrnos 16 and spool it with 500 yards of 65# braid.  This setup is more versatile than the 58XH version as the tip is more limber.  It is good for medium duty Grouper jigging, but is also very good for Cobia, Dolphin or King Mackerel fishing.


With either of these combos you typically want to have a topshot of as little as 4 feet and as much as 25 feet of 80# mono or fluorocarbon.  When jigging for Grouper, I tie 4 feet of 80# fluorocarbon to a SPRO 130# power swivel then connect that to my braid. If you were trolling or fishing Dolphin or Cobia, a 25 foot section would be best.


The jigs you want to get are the Shimano Butterfly jigs.  If you plan on jigging 200+ feet, the larger 8 oz size is good.  For 100-200 feet, the 5 oz version is good and for less than 100 feet the 3 oz version should work.  The OIFC carries a variety of colors with glow, blue mackerel, live squid, pink/blue and silver/purple being the most popular.  Another jig that I often use a diamond jig with a single hook in the 3oz or 5oz size.


For prices and purchasing options for the above equipment, visit on the web store and search the key word “jig” or look under offshore lures and combos.

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