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OIFC Fishing Teams - DO WORK / OIFC


Team Motto:  dedication + motivation = success

Team Members:

Capt. Jeff Beck:  My fishing began at a very young age with after school trips to a local pond or lake with my dad.  From there, we got our first boat and furthered our fresh water fishing adventures.  My parents bought a vacation home in Sunset Beach, and we started to explore the backwater of Brunswick County.  Our family started flounder fishing with some success in local tournaments.  We then upgraded our boat and ventured off the beach with nearshore fishing and became "hooked" on king mackerel.  We frequented the Ocean Isle Fishing Center trying to learn as much as possible about the game.  My dad and I attended Capt Brant's live bait king mackerel school as part of a father's day gift.  We became members of the SKA under the team name Do Work as a family fishing team.  My daughter Camdyn began fishing at age three and in 2010 won her first junior angler trophy in the Fall Brawl.  Camdyn is the official bait catcher and bait namer of Team Do Work.  Our team is a family-oriented fishing team, to include some extended "family" members, that enjoys the thrill of the catch as much as just spending time together on the
ocean.  Team Do Work not only consists of the boat crew, but also the family matriarch NannyBird who is always standing dockside to support her team and see the day's catch.  

Captain Rickey Beck, father of Captain Jeff Beck and the senior angler for Team OIFC/Do Work.  I began pond fishing when I was about ten years old.  I pretty much got out of it until Jeff came along and we would take father son fishing trips together.  I began working at the OIFC about 6 yrs ago and gained a lot of knowledge from Capt. Brant and his Charter Captains.  It was king mackerel fishing with them that got me and eventually Jeff hooked on king fishing. Now 5 boats later  and a couple of inshore and off shore tournament wins we are honored to be members of Team OIFC.  We are a family and fish as a family!


Courtney Beck-  Wife of Capt. Jeff, Mother of Camdyn, and Lady Angler for Team Do Work/OIFC Fishing Team.  Courtney serves many roles for the Team.  She completes all of the behind the scene work to help keep our Team up and running.  When it comes time to fish, Courtney is one you want on the boat.  She can drive, set baits and fight a fish.  She is a member of the Southern Kingfish Association and has earned several accolades in her tournament career. 

Camdyn Beck-  the star junior angler of the Do Work/OIFC Fishing Team.  As a self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl”, she has been on a boat since she was a baby.  The faster we went, the better she slept, and she still does today.  Camdyn is an expert pogy fetcher.  When it is time to bait a line, she always manages to find the biggest, best bait for that tournament winning king mackeral.  It is also not unheard of for her to grab the wheel while the rest of the Do Work/OIFC crew is fighting a fish or two.  She is a member of the Southern Kingfish Association and has earned several accolades in her tournament career thus far.

Timmy Clemmons:  I am a native of Brunswick County and have grown up on the waters around Brunswick County. I have been involved in the fishing industry all of my life. While growing up, my parents were commercial fishermen. I remember netting off of Holden Beach with my parents and brother.  During the summer breaks from school I would catch and sell clams to make money.  My family also operated a crabbing business out of the Shallotte River. My Dad, James Clemmons, is well known for his “striking” skill, that’s flounder gigging at night for those who are wondering what that is. I try to go with him as often as I can to this day. A couple of years ago I was brought on as a team member of the “Do Work” fishing team based out of the Ocean Isle Fishing Center. In 2010 we actually did well and won the SKA Division 9, which completely hooked me on King Mackerel fishing. I have fished with Capt. Jeff Beck and the rest of the crew for two full seasons now.  I appreciate the opportunity to fish with the team again this year and let’s DO Work.

Jon Hayes-  I started out my fishing career at young age following in the footsteps of my dad and grandpa.  We would fish the local lakes for crappie ,large mouth bass, and strippers.  As I grew up my passion for fishing grew stronger, every chance I would get I would be on the water even if it meant skipping a class or a ball practice.  I graduated high school and went to college in the fall of 1995 where Capt. Jeff and I became close friends. After class and or practice we would head to the lake and fish often well in to the night.  We finished up college and went out into the real world and got jobs but I still couldn’t give up the urge to fish.  I started fishing on the local level in bass tournaments and was successful.  Then one summer day my phone rang and it was Capt. Jeff he asked me if I wanted to come to the beach and go king mackerel fishing and of course I packed up my gear and was on the way.  I had never fished off shore but It didn’t take long till I fell in love with it.  After a few trips under my belt Capt. Jeff called me up and offered me a spot on his boat tournament fishing of course I accepted.   Even the long 265mi commute to oib doesn’t keep me out the boat when it’s time to fish. DO WORK is a fishing family and that’s what that’s what makes it!....... Tight Lines



2012 Fall Brawl King Classic- 10th place. Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 17.75 pound King Mackerel

2012 Rumble In The Jungle- 25th place. Little River, SC. 23.10 pound King Mackerel.

2012 East Coast Got'em On- 4th place Junior division. Carolina Beach, NC. 16.15 pound King Mackerel.

2011 East Coast Got'em On- 15th place. Carolina Beach, NC. 16 pound King Mackerel.

2010 SKA Division 9- 1st place overall, 1st place Senior, 3rd place Lady. Southeastern, NC. 96 pound, 3 fish aggregate.

2010 Fall Brawl King Classic- 6th place. Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 34 pound King Mackerel.

2010 East Coast Got'em On- 2nd place lady. Carolina Beach, NC. 28 pound King Mackerel.

2010 Jolly Mon King Classic- 1st place. Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 34 pound King Mackerel

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