Sunday 7am-7pm

Monday-Wednesday 8am-5pm

Thursday 7am-7pm

Friday-Saturday 7am-9pm

   Thanksgiving Flounder & Trout Classic Prize Structure   

$100 ENTRY FEE- prizes based on 25 boats and will be adjusted based upon the number of boat entries.

Overall (Largest 3 - trout aggregate)

1st - $1000

2nd - $600

3rd - $400

4th - $300

5th - $200

A TWT (tournament within a tournament) is simply another way to put money in the pot and have an
opportunity to win more money.  You DO NOT have to enter the TWT to participate in the tournament.
By paying the entry fee, you are eligible to win primary prizes.  By entering a TWT you are eligible for
TWT prizes for whichever level you choose to enter.

TWT Largest 3 - trout aggregate weight - $50

1st - 50%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 20 %

TWT Largest Trout Overall - $50

1st - 50%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 20%

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