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OIFC Fishing Teams - Team OIFC


Team OIFC --   Team Motto:  Patience persistence and the unrelenting commitment to the accomplishment of the objectives

Capt. Brant McMullan is a young man with a serious commitment to success in the salt-water sportfishing world. His homeport is Ocean Isle Beach, NC where he owns and operates Capt. Brant's Fishing Adventures, inc - specializing in charter fishing, tournament fishing, tournament directing and saltwater journalism. Capt. Brant competes in over 20 king mackerel tournaments a year up and down the East and Gulf coasts aboard his Carolina Contender and is recognized as one fo the area's top king mackerel tournament fishermen (featured in many publications including Saltwater Sportsman, Sportfishing, and Angler for competition skills. In addition to competing in tournaments, Capt. Brant owns and operates two of the largest and most successful king mackerel tournaments on the trail to date- the Jolly Mon King Classic (annually hosts over 300 boats) and the Fall Brawl King Classic (annually hosts over 250 boats).

Wife to Capt. Brant, Amy McMullan has made a mark on the tournament circuit as a top Lady Angler. In November of this year Amy and Brant will be adding a future junior angler to the team- their first. For the past several years Amy has been among the top Lady Anglers both regionally and nationally and has set sites on achieveing the goal of "Top Lady Angler of the Year".

Caroline Grace McMullan- At 6 years old, Caroline has grown up exposed to boats and deep-sea fishing. She can't go fast enough, and when the fishing is at its hottest, you'll almost certainly find Caroline hunkered down in a bean bag either fast asleep, deep into a game on her Nintendo DSI or cheering on mom, dad or whoever is fighting fish. Caroline won the SKA's 2010 Division 9 Jr. Angler honors for her participation on the Team OIFC boat. Capt. Brant and Amy look forward to many fishing trips with Caroline, and providing the opportunity to experience the thrill of sport fishing and being on the open ocean. Coincidentally, Caroline amassed a small fortune in Jr. Angler winnings in 2010 and has since opened her own bank account with her own ATM card. She vows to dominate the Jr. Angler division for many years.

Growing up with salt-water sportfishing in his blood, Capt. Barrett McMullan has extensive experience on the water. For the past 10 years he has put his efforts into fishing on the highly competitive king mackerel tournament trail. Barrett, along with the crew of the Carolina Contender has experienced unprecedented success on this prestigious tournament trail throughout the southeast, and is recognized as a top team in southeastern North Carolina. In addition to competitive fishing skills Barrett displays on the SKA tournament trail, he also is in his third year of journalism work with the SKA covering fishing events in southeastern North Carolina as well as working as a freelance writer for several other notable fishing magazines. Now at the age of 22 Barrett has the knowledge, experience, attititude, and energy to dominate the king mackerel tournament fishing circuit.

Rube McMullan is the pioneer and visionary behind the Carolina Contender Fishing Team. At a young age he was introduced to ocean fishing by his mother and has continued to pass the torch to the younger generations in his family. After many successful years fishing and competing in tournaments throughout the southeast Rube has unparalleled experience in the arena of sportfishing. Rube's latest vision, the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, took form in the Spring of 2003 and is quickly becoming considered as "The go-to place for fishing enthusiasts in the southeast".


2013 SKA National Championship- 1st place overall, 1st place Junior, 1st place Lady, 1st place Senior. Biloxi, MS. 48.9 and 56.5 pound, 2 fish King Mackerel aggregate of 105.4 pounds.

2013 East Coast Got'em On King Classic- 1st place overall, 1st place Junior, 1st place Lady. Carolina Beach, NC. 39.8 pound King Mackerel

2013 Key West Harbor King Mackerel Tournament- 8th place overall, 2nd Junior, 1st Lady. Key West, FL. 50.17 pound King Mackerel.

2012 Ft. Meyers Saltwater Classic- 4th Place. Ft. Meyers, FL. 33.94 pound King Mackerel.

2012 NBOA Gulf Coast Open- 3rd Place. Sarasota, FL. 44.57 pound King Mackerel.

2012 Key West King Classic- 9th Place. Key West, FL. 43.07 pound King Mackerel

2011 SKA Division 9- 1st Place.

2011 SKA National Championship- 1st Place. Biloxi, MS. 54 pound King Mackerel and 48 pound King Mackerel for 2 fish, 103 pound aggregate.

2011 Brunswick Islands King Classic- 1st Place. Southport, NC. 36 pound King Mackerel. ** 3rd win in a row in this event **

2010 SKA Division 9- 2nd Place.

2010 Onslow Bay King Mackerel Tournament- 1st Place. Swansboro, NC. 41 pound King Mackerel.

2010 Brunswick Islands King Classic- 1st Place. Southport, NC. 43 pound King Mackerel. ** 2nd win in a row in this event **

2010 Marshes Light King Classic- 1st Place. Oregon Inlet, NC. 41 pound King Mackerel

2010 Hook-a-Hoo Rodeo- 1st Place. Little River, SC. 74 pound Wahoo.

2009 South Brunswick Islands King Classic- 1st Place. Southport, NC. 29 pound King Mackerel.

2009 SKA National Championship- 1st Place. Biloxi, MS. 74.1 pound King Mackerel and 44.2 pound King Mackerel for 2 fish, 118 pound aggregate. *** 74.1 pound King becomes new MS state record and SKA all-time record for largest King weighed in competition.

2008 US Open King Mackerel Tournament- 2nd Place. Southport, NC. 43 pound King Mackerel.

2008 East Coast Got'em On- 1st Place. Carolina Beach, NC. 34 pound King Mackerel.

2007 Rumble in the Jungle- 1st Place. Little River, SC. 41 pound King Mackerel.

2006 TOFC King Classic- 1st Place. Topsail Beach, NC. 45 pound King Mackerel.

2005 CCSA King Mackerel Tournament- 1st Place. Morehead City, NC. 42 pound King Mackerel.

2004 SKA Division 1 & 13- 1st Place. Lower North Carolina. King Mackerel.

2003 US Angler's- 1st Place Angler of the Year. Carolina's. King Mackerel

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