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AD 460 Feeding Station

NC Marine Fisheries Sanctions "Feed Station" - 04/10/2012

Last year the NC Marine Fisheries designated AR460[Artificial Reef 460 established by the Long Bay Artificial Reef Association 3 miles off Ocean Isle Beach] as OIFC/Jolly Mon Reef in honor and appreciation of the work done by Ocean Isle Fishing Center to enhance and promote the fisheries. At the presentation ceremony, Captain Brant said "our goal at OIFC will be to make this the best artificial reef along the coast and we will put our minds to work to come up with a plan to make that happen". Fast forward to now and the OIFC  announces the establishment of a research project for the Jolly Mon reef as approved by NC Marine Fisheries wherein a "feeding station" will be located at the buoy at Jolly Mon Reef. Each day the OIFC charter fleet will deposit fish cascaras from the previous days fishing into the "feeding station". The hope is this chumming action will draw a variety of fish to Jolly Mon Reef and thus enhance the fishing at this location. It is requested those fishing the site report to the results of their fishing at Jolly Mon Reef. It is the hope this project enhances the fishing at Jolly Mon Reef and thus becomes a model for other artificial reef sites along the NC coast. 

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