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HB 421 Gas Tax Refund

HB 421- current status - 04/12/2012

At the OIFC, one of our goals is to use the presence and influence of OIFC as a platform to attack various fishery/boating political issues. With the help and support of you fishermen out there, we have had some good success. What we are working on now is House Bill 421[HB421]. We encouraged Representative Iler[Brunswick County] to introduce this bill last year. The intent of the bill is to allow marinas to pass on to the customer at the point of sale, the gas tax rebate due boaters from the State of NC. This is because the State charges boaters road tax, but since a boat is used for off road usage, the State owes you back the tax you paid when you bought the gas. The problem is you have to ask for the rebate from the State, and only a few folks make the request. Thus the State is able to keep your money for it's own purposes. This is wrong; it's your money and they shouldn't have the right to take it from you.  HB421 offers marinas the opportunity to pass on to the customer at the gas pump at the time of the sale, the tax rebate that is due you. The marina then will collect the tax refund from the State. The bottom line is the marina can help you save some money on your gas purchases for your boat. Obviously this is done with the intent of lowering fuel cost in hopes of getting you back on the water. The Legislature goes back into session in May, so stand by for updates on this bill, but in the meantime, contact of your House or Senate Rep is the key. Ask them to support HB421. Thanks. Rube McMullan

HB 421 needs your help - 04/06/2011

Fishing friends/boaters. We need your help.
 We have been working with Representative Frank Iler from Brunswick County regarding a bill that would allow marinas to pass on to customers, at the point of sale, the gas tax refund due boaters for off road usage[which is not taxable]. The effect of this would be that marinas could reduce your gas cost by approximately 15-30cents/gallon[based upon recreation use or commercial use]. True, at the end of the year you can apply to the State of NC for the refund, but if you could receive the refund when you purchase the fuel by virtue of the marina discounting the price to you and the marina then receives the refund, the impact to you would be to immediately save you some money. Obviously with the increasing cost of fuel, this bill is intended to help lower your cost of fuel, and maybe encourage you to get on the water.
House Bill 421[HB421] has been introduced by Representative Iler and he needs your support. The bill has been assigned to the Consumer and Job Development Committee, and if the committee members don't hear from us fishermen/boaters as to the benefit of this bill, then it will likely die in committee. SO.....we need everyone who thinks this is a good bill to contact the Reps who are on this committee, as well as you own local Rep.
The Reps on the Consumer and Job Development Committee are:
Also let Rep Iler[] know his willingness to introduce this bill is appreciated by fishermen/boaters.
Thanks for your help.
Rube McMullan Ocean Isle Fishing Center[]

HB 421- more info - 04/06/2011

Thank you to all the folks that have made contact with the Reps we listed on the March 31 report in support of HB 421 which will allow marinas to pass on to you at point of sale the gas tax refund, thus saving you 15-30cents/gallon at the pump. We need more contacts to be made with the committee members shown on the March 31 report as well as your own local Reps. Everyone remembers how this works with the passing of the menhaden net ban. The elected officials want to be responsive to their constituents, they just need to hear from you so they will know an issue is of importance. With the ever increasing cost of gas for boats, this is a good bill and will pass a savings on to you when you buy your fuel at a marina. Please make contact with the Reps. Thanks. Rube McMullan

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