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Far Out Shoot Out Rules

DECLARATION HOT-LINE- (910) 253-3474- call and leave name, boat name, day you are declaring to fish before 8am on the day you are declaring to fish.

BOUNDARIES: Boats must fish South of GPS line 33.30.00 (Nipple area) and North of GPS longitued 32.30.00 ( hole area)

Registration will remain open through competition days through Friday, May 18th

  1. 1) A boat may fish 1 out of 15 possible days. Eligible fishing days are Saturday, May 5th thru Saturday, May 19th. In order for a team to receive points for a day of fishing, they must declare their fishing day by 8am the morning of that day. Declarations are made by calling (910) 253-3474 and leaving a message stating your name, boat name and day you wish to declare. If a boat does not declare its day to fish properly, fish will not be weighed and will not be eligible for points.

  2. 2) 1 point per pound for each Yellowfin or Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo & Dolphin weighed- max 1 of each species weighed per boat per competition fishing day.

  3. 3) Don Leonard memorial Billfish trophy- Any boat competing that catches and releases a Billfish during competition will have their boat name and captain's name engraved on this memorial trophy; displayed year-round at the OIFC.

  4. 4) A boat may participate under only one entry and a Captain may only be registered as a Captain once, however, any fisherman, whether Captain or crew may fish on more than one boat as many days of competition as he/she chooses.

  5. 5) A boat may win only 1 primary prize.

  6. 6) Meatfish TWT is based on the largest fish weighed on the tournament scales during the event and will 1st-3rd. Eligible species: Yellowfin/Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin.

  7. 7) High Rollers TWT is based on the overall points total and pays 1st-3rd.

  8. 8)No checkout- lines in the water from 8am-4pm

  9. 9) Boundaries- this event has boundaries.  You must fish between 33.30N (Nipple) and 32.30S (Georgetown Hole).  You must save your day's fishing track on your chart plotter for inspection at weigh-in by the tournament director.

  10. 10) All fish must be weighed by 8:00pm the day of competition. Fish may not be kept overnight.

  11. 11) No overland transport of fish. Fish must be weighed from the boat in which they were caught. In the event of draft restriction to get to the weigh-in dock, a shuttle boat will meet the weighing boat and shuttle fish to the scales.

  12. 12) No replacement boats may be entered without clearance from tournament headquarters.

  13. 13) Tournament will monitor VHF Channel 72. During fishing and weigh-in, all boats should monitor tournament channel to receive instructions.

  14. 14) All protests made to the tournament committee shall be accompanied by $250 cash. All protests shall be made no later than one hour after the last fish has been weighed on each weigh-in day. The $250 cash deposit will be returned if the protest is upheld by the tournament committee. The $250 cash deposit will become property of the Far Out Shoot Out, if the protest is not upheld. All decisions of the protest committee shall be final


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