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NC Kingfish Championship Tournament RULES

Competition Begins Saturday, November 13th and Ends Sunday, November 21st

1. Early Registration is available online ONLY at and closes for entry Friday, November 12th at 11:59pm.
2. Each team may fish 2 out of the 9 scheduled days of the event
3. Teams may post a late entry online at anytime during the competition until 11:59pm on Friday, November 19th. 
4. Each team must declare their fishing day by calling the hotline # (910) 253-3474 by 6am of the day they choose to fish. If you have declared a day and then decide not to fish that day, you may also change your declared day by calling (910) 253-3474 before the 6am deadline.
5. This is a no checkout event. Lines in the water time is 6am.
6. Two separate weigh-in sites are available to competing teams. These sites are located at Hatteras Landing Marina in Cape Hatteras, NC- weigh master Billy Webster- (252) 489-0458 and Town Creek Marina in Beaufort, NC- weigh master Shae Lewis: (252) 269-4286.
7. Each team intending to weigh a fish must do so by 5pm on their declared day. Both weigh in sites will be open for 1 hour only between 4pm and 5pm each day of the competition. Teams must be in sight of the weigh master by 5pm to be eligible to weigh. The decision to allow weigh-in is at the sole discretion of weighmaster.       
8. Lines in the water time is 6am.  NO fishing with rod and reel of any kind is permitted prior to 6am.
9. This is an aggregate tournament, 1 fish per day. Primary prizes, 1st thru 3rd are based on the combined aggregate weight of your two largest King Mackerel, one from each day of fishing.
10. All tournament eligible fish must be weighed on the day in which they were caught.
11. The same boat may only be fished under one entry during the tournament. You may not enter the same boat twice and simply change the boat name.
12. All tournament eligible fish must be caught on the same boat in which they are delivered to weigh-in.
13. No overland transport of tournament eligible fish is permitted prior to weigh-in.
14. All tournament eligible fish must be caught on hook and line.
15. The early tournament entry is accepted until 11:59pm Friday November 12th and is $200. The late tournament entry is accepted until 11:59pm Friday November 19th and is $250.  There will be a big fish TWT available for $100 and an aggregate TWT available for $100.
14. Payout for the primary prizes and TWT’s is 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%. (a 10% retainer of entries and TWT’s will be kept by the OIFC to cover administrative costs, web development, labor, CVSA tester etc… If costs equal less than the 10% retainer kept, the balance will be distributed with winnings.)
15. The big fish TWT is won by the team entered in the category that weighs the largest king mackerel.
16. The aggregate TWT is won by the team entered in the category that accumulates the most weight with up to 2 king mackerel weighed (1 per day).
17. Contestants that weigh fish must be available to have their picture taken with the fish after weighing so that results can be posted at
18. All winning captains and/or crew members may be required to take and pass a voice stress test (CVSA) before winnings will be awarded. The initial CVSA will be administered via telephone and must be taken at the conclusion of the event. If the CVSA operator requests, winning captains and/or crew members will be required to submit to a second CVSA test in person. Should any of these requirements not be met, winnings may be forfeited and awarded to the next highest finishing participant.
a. The CVSA operator cannot be held civilly liable for any damages as a result of his/her determinations.
19. Tournament directors, weigh masters or anyone else associated with this tournament are eligible to compete and win prizes.
20. All protests must be emailed to or called-in 910-279-6104 by Monday, November 22nd at 10am. 

Hatteras weigh-in, accommodations and dockage- Hatteras Landing, host marina:
(252) 986-2077/ (252) 475-0569
Hatteras weigh master (Billy Webster): (252) 489-0458
Beaufort dockage- Town Creek Marina, host marina: (877) 347-4869
Beaufort weigh master (Shea Lewis): (252) 269-4286
Declaration hot-line: (910) 253-3474
Tournament questions: 

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