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Jolly Mon Rules

DECLARATION HOT-LINE- Call (910) 253-3474 (FISH) and leave name, boat name, time and day you are declaring to fish (must declare by 7am if you are fishing the same day you are calling)

NO CHECK OUT - Tournament Boundaries Swansboro to Georgetown Jetties

(You must be West of GPS line 76 55 00 and east of GPS line 79 10 00)

*CLARIFICATION ON BOUNDARIES* - You may enter the ocean out of the Georgetown jetties and fish anywhere within the boundaries (see rule #9)
** there is a very small sliver of water north of Georgetown along the beach that is outside of the GPS boundaries. This small area will be considered in-bounds**

1.   This is a one day fishing event. You MUST declare whether your day to compete will be Saturday, June 15t h or Sunday, June 16th  by 7:00am, Saturday June 15 . You can declare your fish day when you register, but if you decide to change, it must be done before 7:00am, Saturday, June 15  If you do not declare your fish day, Saturday, June 15 will automatically be your fish day. Again, you may declare when you register or call 910-253-3474 by 7:00am, Saturday, June 15

2.   King Mackerel must measure at least 28 inches from nose to fork, Spanish Mackerel must be at least 13 inches, and Dolphin must be 20 inches in order to be eligible for prizes.

3.   No mutilated fish will be weighed. A mutilated fish is one in which the injury impacts the fishs ability to fight. Hook and gaff punctures are acceptable.

4.   Scheduled on-site registration time is 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Friday, June 14  at Ocean Isle Fishing Center, OIB, NC. On-line registration remains open until 11:59pm, Friday, June 14

5.   The Captains Meeting will be held on Friday, June 14  at 7:15 PM at the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

6.   NO CHECK-OUT! Honor system - lines in the water at 7:00 AM on eligible fishing days.  No fishing with rod & reel before 7:00 AM, this includes bait jigging. Fish must be hooked and caught during tournament hours.

7.   Official tournament time is determined by GPS time.

8.   A boat may participate in the event only one day. The same boat CANNOT be fished both Saturday and Sunday. A participant may only be registered as the Captain for one day of competition.

9.   Boats may leave from their choice of inlets within tournament boundaries. No ocean travel or fishing outside of boundaries - a boat may travel the backwaters or ICW from outside boundaries before entering the ocean from an inlet within the boundaries.

10.   No replacement boats may be entered without clearance from tournament headquarters. A replacement boat will not be authorized after tournament fishing hours have begun.

11.   All boats must be in weigh-in line in by 5:00 PM as confirmed by check-in and cut-off boats.

12.   Scales will open at 2:00 PM at tourney site. No weigh-ins allowed before 2:00 PM. Line will extend from base of Ocean Isle bridge to the North. Do not enter Causeway canal until directed on VHF 72.

13.   All fish must be weighed in from the boat in which they were caught. No overland transport of fish to weigh station will be allowed.

14.    A boat may not make landfall during tournament competition hours. If a team wishes to drop off a crew member on land before weighing-in, they may do so providing crew members exit only and do not remove or add any items from the vessel and the vessel does not make landfall.

15.   Tournament will monitor VHF Channel 72. During weigh-in, all boats should monitor tournament channel to receive instructions.

16.   Only one king mackerel may be weighed from each boat. This single king will count towards all primary and secondary prizes.

17.   Small Boat Division- a boat whose total horsepower DOES NOT exceed 300hp.

19.  All TWTs are paid out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and are based on the number of entries in each particular TWT.

20.  All fish weighed-in will become property of the Long Bay Artificial Reef Association.

21.  Any fish weighed-in found to contain lead or any other foreign matter will be subject to disqualification as decided by the tournament committee.

22.  Winning anglers, if directed by the tournament committee, must submit to and take a polygraph test with a designated and pre-authorized tester within 72 hours after the last fish has been weighed . This decision is at the sole discretion of the tournament committee. Should the test be failed or not taken within said time frame, the tournament committee reserves the right to forfeit all winnings awarded to winner in question.

23.   All protests made to the tournament committee shall be accompanied by $250 cash. All protests shall be made no later than one hour after the last fish has been weighed on each weigh-in day. The $250 cash deposit will be returned if the protest is upheld by the tournament committee The $250 cash deposit will become property of the Jolly Mon King Classic, if the protest is not upheld. All decisions of the protest committee shall be final.

24.  In order to be eligible for Jr., Lady or Senior Angler prizes, Jr., Lady or Senior must be on board boat and act as angler, boat driver, gaffer or head cheer leader and accompany fish to scales to specify that he/she was part of catching the fish. Junior Angler must be 16 years of age or younger. Lady Anglers are female and 17 years of age and up. Senior Anglers are men 55 years of age or older. All Junior, Lady and Senior Anglers MUST accompany thier fish to the scales.

25. A boat is eligible to win only one primary prize.

26.  A boat is eligible to win more than one secondary prize.

27.  Prizes are awarded solely on the basis of fish weight. In the event of identical weights, the first fish weighed shall be declared the winner.  In the event of identical weight, but fish caught on different competition days, tie break will be determined by time not day- earliest fish weighed wins.

28.   Two (2) or more boats congregating during fishing hours may be disqualified.

29.   If a boat has to be towed for any reason, it will be disqualified from competition.  If a boat receivess assistance of any kind during competition hours, that boat will be disqualified from weighing fish on that day.  If the boat that renders assistance is providing assistance for safety reasons, that boat may continiue to fish and weigh fish.

30.  Any advertisers entering the tournament in compliance with the tournament rules are eligible for any and all prizes.

31.  All boats must meet USCG and State of North Carolina safety requirements in order to qualify for competition.

32.  This is a Captains Choice Tournament. In the event that the Tournament shall be rescheduled or cancelled due to any cause beyond the control of the Jolly Mon King Classic, no entry fee shall be refunded to entrants and entrants shall have no claim against the Jolly Mon King Classic, for return of said entry fee.

33.  All fish must be caught on rod & reel. The maximum number of lines out at any one time is seven(7).

34.    Violation of any of the tournament rules shall constitute grounds for automatic disqualification from the tournament. The Tournament Committee shall be the sole judge of any violations of the rules and their decision shall be final.

35.   The tournament committee has the right to refuse entry from an applicant, in the event such occurs, 100% of the applicants entry fee will be returned.

36.   By signing the entry form, the Captain and crew, etc. consent that the Jolly Mon King Classic may use without payment or restrictions any photographs in which he or she appears for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material.

37.    The Jolly Mon King Classic is owned in its entirety by Capt. Brants Fishing Adventures, Inc.


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