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Yellowfin/Yamaha Jolly Mon King Classic
Yellowfin/Yamaha Jolly Mon King Classic
June 13-16, 2019 - Ocean Isle Fishing Center

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-CAPTAIN'S CHOICE FORMAT-  Fish 1 out 2 days- EITHER Saturday, June 16th or Sunday, June 17h. 
-Declare your intended fish day on your registration form or you have until 7:00am on Saturday, June 16th to call (910) 253-3474 and leave a message declaring your fish day. 

*** RULE UPDATE REGARDING SMALL BOAT CLASS :  A boat that has engine power of 300hp or less, regardless of the number of engines will be considered a "small boat".

-If you do not declare a fish day, Saturday, June 16th, will automatically be counted as your fish day.   

  • $215 Entry Fee by 6/11/18 $250 after
  • Prizes for top 25 heaviest King Mackerel
  • Prizes for top 20 Jr. Angler's heaviest King Mackerel-
  • Prizes for top 20 Lady Angler's heaviest King Mackerel- 
  • Prizes for top 3 heaviest Mahi
  • Prizes for top 3 heaviest Spanish Mackerel
  • Prize for top 3 in Capt. Scott Hewett memorial Senior Angler heaviest King Mackerel division
  • Prizes for top 3 in the small boat division- Any boat with 300hp of engine or less
  • Break the Jolly Mon Record TWT.  $20 per boat, annual accruing pot that will continue to build until someone wins.  Current record set in 2004 by Talkin Trash- 46.65lbs -- ** Current balance forward -$1800 from 16'/17' entries and no winner **
  • TWT levels-  Big Fish- $100, High Rollers- $250, Whale- $500, Small Boat (300hp or less) - $100, Lady- $100
  • Fishing Family Award awarded to any team who weighs an eligible species and has a Jr., Lady and Sr. on board
  • Wheel of Fishing- spin to win $100 bonus if you can spin your fish's weight.

 What Makes the Jolly Mon Unique?

    1. It is a one day tournament, with an optional weather day...
      This one day approach is a big reason the tournament has been successful. It attracts the family fishermen who believe they have a better shot at winning- or better yet the fishermen who appreciates a good day fishing, not an entire weekend of hard work!  
    2. There is no checkout... BUT, there are boundaries..
      Fishermen can fish out of any port they choose within boundaries so as long as their lines are not in the water before 7:00am and they are in weight-in line by 5:00pm.  This means easy fishing while always keeping on an even playing field.  
    3. It is family oriented...
      The Jolly Mon recognizes the importance of the family and fishing and offers a complimentary  dinner for everyone and medallions for all Junior anglers participating in the event. The Jolly Mon is run in an orderly, clean-cut manner. 
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Supporting Sponsors

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