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Jr. Angler

Place: Captain: JRs: Boat Number: Boat Name: Weight: Time:
Place:1 Captain:Brian C Aycock JRs:Ivy,,,, Boat Number:116 Boat Name:Hail Yeah/OIFC Weight: 33.4 Time:10/15/2023 02:58 PM
Place:2 Captain:Chad Shingleton JRs:Carson Shingleton,,,, Boat Number:17 Boat Name:Tide one on Weight: 32.6 Time:10/15/2023 04:44 PM
Place:3 Captain:Brant M McMullan JRs:Gavin Niven,,,, Boat Number:10 Boat Name:OIFC Weight: 29.4 Time:10/16/2023 05:13 PM
Place:4 Captain:Brent Welborn JRs:Fisher Welborn,,,, Boat Number:98 Boat Name:Miles2Fish Weight: 28.7 Time:10/16/2023 05:06 PM
Place:5 Captain:mark l coley JRs:Cayson Coley,,,, Boat Number:119 Boat Name:Hot Hooks Weight: 27.1 Time:10/16/2023 05:01 PM
Place:6 Captain:Trey Styron JRs:Trey styron jr.,,,, Boat Number:57 Boat Name:Over the Top Weight: 24.15 Time:10/15/2023 04:58 PM
Place:7 Captain:Tim Gray JRs:Trey Gray,,,, Boat Number:85 Boat Name:Beeracuda Weight: 23.6 Time:10/16/2023 05:02 PM
Place:8 Captain:Aubrey Linville JRs:Preston Linville,TJ Brock,,, Boat Number:123 Boat Name:Triple Net Weight: 22.65 Time:10/15/2023 04:40 PM
Place:9 Captain:Glen Williams JRs:Tyler Williams,,,, Boat Number:110 Boat Name:Miss Ellie Weight: 18.35 Time:10/15/2023 04:43 PM
Place:10 Captain:Hunter L Moore JRs:Lawson,,,, Boat Number:34 Boat Name:Lil John/Reel em up Weight: 15.45 Time:10/15/2023 04:12 PM
Place:11 Captain:Howard “TJ” A Lawson JRs:Kalia Lawson ,Weston Truluck ,AJ Truluck ,, Boat Number:224 Boat Name:Brokn Bonz Weight: 11.9 Time:10/15/2023 05:05 PM
Place:12 Captain:Andrew Ward JRs:Sam DeRemer,,,, Boat Number:80 Boat Name:Reel Heel Weight: 11.75 Time:10/15/2023 04:36 PM

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