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"S.H.A.R.E. " | Do Work / OIFC | 07/18/15

After spending Thursday and Friday assisting Bobby Lovinggood repairing the Do Work, the crew and I were ready for redemption.  Bobby was as anxious as we were.  In case you didn't read my adventure, I thought I had damaged the lower unit on the Do Work messing with a shark.  When Bobby and I got into the motor we found a hairline crack in the oil pan.  We worked feverishly Thursday getting her ready to go.  The only problem was, there was not an oil pan to be be found.  SOOO..believe it or not we JB Welded the crack.  I ran the Contender through her paces Friday afternoon and she held.  Poor Bobby was on pins and needles all day waiting for me to call him.  End of story, thank God and JB Weld she held!!!

The crew was minus Jon Hayes but we were joined by Courtney who has an eagle eye for finding bait.  Scary thing was she spotted it in less than 4ft of water, in the breakers off Holden Beach with ME at the helm.  I stuck our nose in, Capt. Jeff made one throw with our Capt. Brant's Heavy net and I was throwing the 225's in reverse and getting out of there.  The whole time I was making diamonds, if you get my drift.

Jeff had a game plan and we stuck with it.  The ocean was beautiful so   we hauled the mail to the 17 mile rock and were immediately covered by amberjacks.  The decision was made to push out.  The next stop was unplanned and was a mark Jeff had made a while back on the machine in about 90 ft of water. As we passed over it the machine lit up with bait so we decided to give it a try.  I am glad we did.  Camdyn hooked up with a 24# king on her pink custom rod which always seems to be the hot stick.  I don't know how long she fought that king but when her Dad sunk the gaff and flipped it in the boat, that 9 yr old was shaking she was so excited.  We hung out for a few hrs longer and caught another, bigger king and even a mahi.  Then the bite stopped.

It was getting late, so we held a team meeting.  Do we push a little further out and cut our fishing time or jump the shoals and fish our way towards the scales?  The decision was made to push out to a nearby mark named "Rickey" on our machine.  This was a spot where we'd had luck in the past.  We were not there 10 minutes when a long line screamed.  Jeremy Phillips snatched the rod and went to work.  It was obvious we'd hooked a nice king.  After a while Dr. Jeremy gave the PINK rod over to me.  I think my years as a flounder fisherman has instilled some light touch skills that work well on a king that is being difficult to gaff.  The water was clear and we could see only one hook was holding him.  Everytime he'd see Jeff with the gaff he'd run.  Finally, Jeff grabbed our 12 ft gaff,  that combined with is monkey arms proved too much for the biggest king of the day.

We put him on ice and put the Do Work in the wind.  At 4:45pm Camdyn held up our number for the check in boat.  WHEEEW!!!!!  We decided to weigh our 2 bigger fish today.  There is no guarantee of tomorrow.   We weighed a 24.56 & a 25.28 for a total of 49.84 lbs.

Team Do Work is pleased.  Good luck to everyone fishing Sunday.  Stay safe and tight lines.


- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"10 Hr trip" | Choice of Two / OIFC | 07/18/15

Heading in from a 10 hr trip with Jake Spears and family. Come down to OIFC to check out our catch.

- Austin Aycock
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"2015 FLATFISH TOURNAMENT" | | 07/17/15

- Brant Mcmullan
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"Liz & Lia" | Do Work / OIFC | 07/17/15

Looks like Liz and Lia Newell had a big day fishing with Brandon "Bonecrusher" Sauls. 

- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"High School Fishing Program" | OIFC | 07/15/15

OK - Progress is back underway on the High School Competitive fishing program that I talked about a couple months back.  The school board approved the program and an email was sent out to the principals of North, South and West Brunswick seeking a volunteer for in-school advisor to head up the fishing club at each school.  The only teacher to come forward was Sheila Gerald from West Brunswick.  And thus, the inaugural year for the High School Competitive Fishing Association will begin with West Brunswick High School.  That is not a bad thing as this will be a season to work out kinks and determine the best way to conduct events etc.....  And so, there will be teams of 2 which will compete in a Flounder/Trout/Redfish tournament one Saturday in October, November, December, March, April & May.  A pool of volunteer boat owners will be drawn from to provide boats, chaperoneing and on-water advisement for the competing teams of two. 

We currently have 21 boat owners that have volunteered to join the program, but we need more.  A boat owner DOES NOT have to be available for every tournament.  A boat owner can be availabel for just one tournament.  We just need a good size pool of boat owners to draw from so prior to each event we can be certain to have enough boats.  At this point we are looking at a field of around 20 boats.  Thus, if  you owne a boat suitable for targeting Flounder, Redfish and Speckled Trout and you are willing to volunteer your time and your boat to host a team of two high school students in competition, PLEASE EMAIL  YOUR NAME, CELL & EMAIL so we may follow up and add you to our pool of boats.

There are certainly lots of details to be worked out as far as event format, exact dates, fund raising for students..... all of that is in the works, but at this time we need more boat owners to join our pool of volunteers. 

One final note is that this new program has been accepted by the Board of Directors of the First Tee program which will allow it to also earn 501C-3 tax status making all donations tax deductible. 

I hope to hear from boat owners willing to volunteer their boat and time for one Saturday from Oct to May 2015/16 to help get this program off the ground. 

Thanks also to Sheila Gerald of West Brunswick who responded to the request for a club advisor which allowed this program an opporutnity to get off the ground.  Below is a flyer that is in the works that will be posted in the schools and on-line.  If you are a West Brunswick student and you want to join the club- email Sheila Gerald.  She will need help in establishing the club and maybe you can help?

Capt. Brant



Boys and Girls

In-school Advisor Ms. Sheila Gerald.

Saltwater fishing for trout, flounder, and redfish in creeks, waterways, rivers, and inlets.

Fishing tournaments once a month beginning October 2015, Saturdays, using volunteer boats.

Two person teams (boy-boy, girl-girl, girl-boy).

All club members will become members of the Student Angler Federation ($25 annual membership).

Club limited to first 30 members.

Sign-up deadline is September 4th.

Club meetings will be twice a month on Thursdays right after school in rm 416.

Contact Ms. Sheila Gerald, rm 416;

- Capt. Brant McMullan
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"70 Ft Hole Cobia" | Do Work / OIFC | 07/14/15

Patrick Prince sent this picture of a cobia caught at the 70 ft. Hole Sunday.  He said the fishing was a little slow for him and the bait was holding on the Holden Beach side of the Shallotte Inlet.

Thx Pat!

- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"Some Pix From Today" | Do Work / OIFC | 07/12/15

Picture one is Lauren Peyton Wheatly by Jef Reid. *We could have used that fish yesterday lauren!

Picture 2 is Sidney Sauls with her 3.65 lb flounder she caught while taking her daddy to school.

Picture 3 is Bobby Lovinggood trying to figure out what I did to the "Do Work" and hating he signed on as a sponsor.

#4 Is by Richie Heycock of the Get Floor'd/OIFC this morning.  Looks like the water was a little better.  Also Richie is an Ocean Isle Beach Police Detective and busted the sorry thiefs who have been stealing Yeti's from Ocean Isle.  Thanks for aa job well done Detective Heycock!!!!!

And the best for last...  Tuis is Timmy Clemmons and his son on  their 1st Father Son Tournament.  THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!!  They fished the small boat class and I think they had a nice fish.

- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"Got Em On" | Do Work / OIFC | 07/12/15

Team Do Work decideded to fish yesterday as did seceral others.  There were some good fish caught, mostly on the other side od the shoals.  I know Billy Nobles, Team Zebra and Shock Wave weighed in som nice ones.  The sun didn't shine on us though.  But that's King Mackerel Tournament fishing.

We found bait fairly easily right off the "high hill".  They were flipping but were making mud balls in 5-7 ft. deep wated.  Shock Wave located them 1st, threw once loaded up.  They pointed to their starboard side, we slid in threw and loaded up.

The wind picked up just as predicted so we had just a wonderful day trying to stand up in the boat.  I've been under the weather the past couple of weeks so I contributed exactly nothing to the effort except chuming over the side and  holding down a bean bag.

Twice we had massive cut offs.  I cannot say they were kings but I can say there are some monsters swimming in that ocean.  To top our day off we hooked up with a big ole shark.  Folks who know me understand I am bound and determined to get my picture made either rubbing or kissing a shark.  He had other plans and promptly wrapped a prop.  So those who saw us limping in on the starboard motor now have the reason why.  Please don't mention it to Jeff.  It gives him blood pressure problems.  Good luck to everyone today.  The water was beautiful and there ought to be some nice fish weighed in.

- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"Spanked Some Flatties" | Do Work / OIFC | 07/10/15

Clay Morphes, Rick Corron and Edward Jullian put the smack down on some flounder late this afternoon!!

- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"OIFC custom rig backs BACK!" | | 07/10/15

Finally back in stock. I had to order them 6 months ago but they are here. The new bags are super nice, like others we had but just a bit bigger. $25.95 - only at OIFC
- Brant Mcmullan
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"King bite" | OIFC World Cat / Carolina Cat | 07/10/15

It is safe to say that the fishing has picked up over the past week. King mackerel, mahi-mahi and a few cobia have been caught around the local 20 mile hot spots. Shark hole and rocks around that area have been producing these species consistently. In the past three days, I have been lucky enough to spend around 40 hours charter fishing in this range and was surprised to see all the baitfish and life in these areas. For those of you fishing the tournament this weekend, the size of these kingfish has yet to increase in the 20 mile range. Out of 15-20 kings brought to the dock, my biggest has been 18 pounds which was also caught near the shark hole. The pogies have still been hard to find over the past week. Fishermen from Little River, SC up to Holden Beach have had tough luck trying to find these illusive baits each morning. However, even when using live cigars or sardines, most of my bites have come off dead bait surprisingly. Good luck to everyone fishing the tournament this weekend. The weather seems to be shaping up for the weekend and the fish are biting.

- Capt. Derek Treffinger
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"Today's 8hr trip" | | 07/09/15

- "Treffinger, Derek James"
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"The Last Dollar" | OIFC | 07/07/15

Let the adventures begin!

- Shannon Reel
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"Today's action" | | 07/05/15

The wind settled some today and the fish were hungry. Fishin 65' depth
- "Treffinger, Derek James"
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"Croaker Kill'n" | Tiberias - 22' | 07/04/15

What does a captain do when the wind is blowing 90 miles per hour and you have two young kids ready to go fishing? Rig up a pair of 5 foot ultra light outfits and toss live shrimp in your normal fishing holes. Something is going to bite and keeping the kids busy is what it is all about. We had live menhaden baited on a couple other larger poles, but bluefish were the only ones interested in that offering. Our 5 foot ultra lights produced lots of bites from croakers, pinfish, and small stingrays. We even caught a small gulf flounder today on the little outfits. Liea did find a nice speckled trout and boy did that joker pull on that little 5 foot ultra light! The kids had a blast with steady action from all sorts of critters. We kept plenty of good size croakers that should provide a sweet little meal for this crew. Thanks for fishing with me guys! See ya on the water!

- Capt. Jacob Frick
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"Redfish on TV" | | 07/03/15

The Elite Redfish Series begins airing on Discovery's Destination America channel tomorrow morning at 6am and will be on every Saturday morning at 6am for the next 13 weeks. Be sure to check it out. This is the series I've been fishing in southern Louisiana. Watching this show may help to fill in the gaps to all my reports I've been posting on these adventures. Set your DVR. Sent from my iPhone
- Captbarrett
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"Backwater Report" | Tiberias - 22' | 07/03/15

The backwater bite has been a roller coaster ride as of late. Strong winds and thundershowers are keeping the backwater stirred with silt. The good news is finding bait to fish with has been very easy. Small menhaden are thick in all the canals and in several areas along the waterway. The mullet minnows are getting bigger with each passing day and many of the backwater species are keying in on the large schools, exploding through them as the tide moves them along. We have seen trout, blues, flounder, and ladyfish exploding through the small mullet minnow schools. Live shrimp can be found on just about any little muddy flat at low tide. Croakers, pinfish, black drum, red drum, flounder, trout, and all other backwater species will eat a shrimp. The trouble is finding actively feeding fish. It has been a tough couple of days. We are finding fish, but most of the action is scattered. We will find a couple of fish at each stop. One day it may be flounder, the next day we may find speckled trout in the same place. I continue to search the oyster bars for good schools of redfish, but they have also been hit or miss as of late. There one day, gone the next. The fish are on the move, so be persistence and stay patient. They have got to eat at some point. Don't get down on yourself if you are struggling out there. We are all working hard to find the fish right now. See ya on the water!

- Capt. Jacob Frick
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Doug Crawford 07/16/2015

My family was on this trip with Capt. Frick on 7/1/15. Fun day with much fresh fish to bring home to dine on. Flounder, red fish, croakers, and trout. Thanks, Capt.

"Still there" | Do Work / OIFC | 07/03/15

The water is warmed up and the  wind has been a bit if a pain but the fish are still around.  The 1st is a 60 lb wahoo by Robbie Dial and the second is a flatfish in a picture by Paul Pancake.

- Capt. Rickey Beck
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"" | Choice of Two / OIFC | 07/01/15

OIFC seeking crew members to work in retail store on part-time to full-time basis year-round.  Experience in retail needed with some background knowledge of boating/fishing helpful.  Email Capt. Brant is interested.  Position available immediately.

- Austin Aycock
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Jolly Mon VIP -  Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Weather:  Light Southwest winds at 5-10 kts, seas 1-2’

49 boats checked out from the Ocean Isle Fishing Center between 5am and 6:45am.  All boats were inspected to insure no live bait and no King Mackerel were on board.  The 2 mile boundary coordinates (390/390) and final confirmation of rules were given to each team captain.  The shotgun start commenced from the Shallotte sea buoy area at 7am.  The majority of boats raced down the beach to the west and found Menhaden near Tubbs Inlet; a few boats skipped the live bait and went straight to the designated fishing area to fish with dead bait.  Teams caught small Kings, Mahi, Cobia and Sharks, but the action was fairly slow.  At 9:45am a radio transmission was given that new boundary coordinates would be given in 10 minutes and all boats must move at 10am.  The new 2 mile boundary coordinates were given at 9:55am as the 65’ Hole area and at 10am a new shotgun start was initiated and boats took off some 6 miles to the new location.  Fishing was much better in this location as teams stayed hooked up to Kings, Mahi, Cobia and Amberjack.  The bite was stead and good through the rest of the day until lines out time at 2pm. 

1st - Brett & Alan Barnes / Hot Rod – 22.40 / 29.80 = 52.20
2nd - Dieter Cardwell / Tideline – 22.25 / 26.10 = 48.35
3rd – Chris Nealon / Wild Wing Café – 8.05 / 32.00 = 40.05 * big fish
4th- Jeff Cunningham / Scale Bound – 18.5 / 21.2 = 39.7
5th- Mike Miller / Man O War – 18.3 / 20.9 = 39.2

Jolly Mon Rock the Dock – Thursday, June 18th, 2015

 43 kids from ages 3 to 12 signed up to fish the Rock the Dock on Thursday morning.  Groups of 10-12 kids were brought down to the OIFC dock where they drew numbers to determine their fishing location.  Each participant was given a new Zebco reel that they had to use, but it was up to them and their “first-mate/helper” to decide on rigging and bait.  Every 5 minutes each participant had to wind up their line and move to the next station; a complete “heat” was 20 minutes, which meant 4 stations visited.  The kids caught a ton of Pinfish, Croakers and Crabs and many caught their first fish during the event. 

 Crab Division

1st- George Furr (10) - .65
2nd- Caleigh Yates (12) - .42nd- Brayden McMullan (5) - .4

 Pinfish Division

1st- Macy Strickland (6) - .3
2nd- Landon Lee (8) - .25
2nd – Sally Hicks (4) - .25

 Croaker/Spot Division

1st- Kelsey Lykins (7) - .6
2nd- Brayden Smith (6) - .5
3rd- Cole Smith (9) - .45


Jolly Mon Junior 2015- Friday, June 19th, 2015

39 Junior Anglers from ages 5 to 16 signed up to compete in the 2015 Junior Jolly Mon. 

Weather:  Southwest winds 10-20 kts, seas 2-4’

King Mackerel Division


1st- Ella Coleman (11) & Olivia Rogers (13) / Miss Reagan-  29.30
2nd- Patrick Harrelson (11) & Mason Cashwell (13) / Debt Finder- 8.95
3rd- Caroline McMullan (10), Brayden McMullan (5), Austin Aycock (16) & Edward Julian (16) / Team OIFC- 7.45

 Mahi Division

1st- David Whitaker (7) / Fin-Addict – 17.35
2nd- Caroline McMullan (10), Brayden McMullan (5), Austin Aycock (16) & Edward Julian (16) / Team OIFC- 15.45
3rd- Braxton Allen (9) & Lydia Allen (8) / Wall Hanger – 13.25

 Spanish Mackerel Division

1st- Holden Carroll (15) / Pharmasea- 4.45
2nd- Aiden DeLong (6) & Caroline Linville (5) / Nauti Dreams- .75
2nd- Landon Lee (8), Shelbie Lee (6), Mason Owens (9) & Mary Julian (9) / EZ Now - .75

Jolly Mon Pogy Bobbing Contest- Friday, June 19th, 2015


21 total Pogy Bobbers signed up; 11 in the 10 & under age group, 2 in the 11-14 age group & 8 in the 15+ age group.  The fastest overall time was registered by Corey Bellamy with a 3.23 Pogy Bob.

 10 & Under

1st- George Furr (10) – 27.33 seconds
2nd- Andrew Lathem (8) – 30.0 seconds

 11-14 years

1st- Jon Fulwood (14) – 8.83 seconds

 15+ years

1st- Corey Bellamy (too old to be doing this) – 3.23
2nd- Adam Nixon (too old also) – 3.58
3rd- Jonathan Molton (28) – 18.27


Jolly Mon King Classic- Saturday, June 20th & Sunday, June 21st, 2015



Saturday:  A big thunderstorm cleared the area by 5am but it fueled 15-20 kts Southeast winds in the early AM, which gave way to Southwest winds 10-20 kts through the day.  Seas 3-5’

Sunday:  Southwest 10-20kts, seas 2-4’

 242 boats registered to compete in the 2015 Jolly Mon King Classic.  226 of those boats chose to compete on Saturday due to what was believed to be a better weather forecast; that proved incorrect.  Teams spread out from Georgetown to Wrightsville Beach, but most all placing Kings were caught in 50-70’ of water off Ocean Isle to Myrtle Beach.


1  36.65  Billy Goss         Wahooligans                        
2  36.50  Milton Via_Jr      Shock Wave              
3  35.85  Raymond Coleman    Mackerel Mafia                  
4  33.35  Chris Barnes       Chum On                
5  32.05  Brent Gainey       Miller Time            
6  31.20  Scott Lomas        Critter Gitter               
7  31.10  Jeff Beck          Do Work/OIFC           
8  30.40  Clyde Mendenhall   Get Reel                     
9  27.95  Taylor Henkel      Total Chaos           
10 27.85  Jeremy B Harrelson Debt Finder           
11 27.60  Brett A Barnes     Hot Rod                
12 26.05  Corey Bellamy      Choice of Two/OIFC   
13 26.00  William McCann     McAttack               
14 25.70  Joey Crisp         Wee Doggie             
15 25.50  Donald Clifton     Carolina Cat           
16 25.00  Stephen Welborn    Sea & Better           
17 24.90  Matt Eisenberger   Fish A Holic           
18 24.55  Dr Kendall Suh     Fishin' Physician      
19 24.25  Danny Juel         American Pride         
20 23.55  Mike Miller        Man O War/AM           
21 23.10  Chris Bryan        On A Mission           
22 22.70  Randy Baker        Gone Haywire IV        
23 22.40  Jared Floyd        Keepin It Reel         
24 22.20  Joe Winslow        Hooligan                           
25 22.05  Richard I Stairs   Its About Time         
26 21.95  Charles L PermenterMining My Bidness      
27 21.80  Mike Kennerly      The Blue Pearl          
28 21.40  Travis R Ketchie   KETCH THIS             
29 21.20  Stuart Ballard     Tailwalker                     
30 21.10  Jeff Crouch        Strictly Business       J     


1 36.65   Billy Goss         Wahooligans            
2 33.35   Chris Barnes       Chum On                
3 32.05   Brent Gainey       Miller Time                  


1  31.20   Critter Gitter    Logan Wactor               
2  31.10   Do Work/OIFC      Camdyn Beck & Jacob Utley               
3  27.85   Debt Finder       Patrick Harrelson          
4  25.70   Wee Doggie        Whitney Crisp              
5  22.40   Keepin It Reel    Drake Page                 
6  21.95   Mining My Bidness Charlie Permenter                            
7  21.10   Strictly Business Dylan Stone               
8  19.80   Team OIFC         Caroline & Brayden McMullan                      
9  19.65   Winging It        Philip Mustin             
10 11.90   Windy Conditions  Henry Tillett II           
11 10.60   OIFC Word Cat     Max Bos 
12 9.05   Off Limits         Davis Julian               
13 8.75   Team Smith         Gray, Nicholas & Jacob Smith                 
14 7.90   Carolina Cat/OIFC  Matthew Severance                             
15 7.00   Gone Again         Carson Stewart             
16 6.70   Salty Daze         Logan Staley               
17 6.45   The Reel Deal      Kate Lukacs                
18 5.80   Just Right         Hunter Illing & Adam Szewczyk                                 
19 5.55   Alley Marie        Alley Marine, Parker & Tyler Batten                                 
20 4.45   Naughty by Nature  Josh Parker                
1  35.85   Mackerel Mafia     Crystal Nixon                                
2  31.20   Critter Gitter     Lisa Lomas                 
3  30.40   Get Reel           Connie Cook                
4  26.05   Choice of Two/OIFC Elizabeth Stevens & Shaun Bellamy 
5  25.50   Carolina Cat       Catherine Clifton          
6  25.00   Sea & Better       Kristin Heaton             
7  24.90   Fish A Holic       Kathryne Eisenberger       
8  22.05   Its About Time     Patricia Stairs            
9  21.40   KETCH THIS         Amanda Bennett             
10 19.65   Winging It         Kerri Baxley               


35.85   Mackerel Mafia        Raymond Coleman Sr         


1    54.55   Brett A Barnes         Hot Rod                            
2    44.45   Jerry Presley          Miss Molly              
3    37.80   Zachary Faulkner       Get 


1    19.80   Dr Kendall Suh         Fishin' Physician       
2    18.50   Mike Kennerly          The Blue Pearl          
3    15.90   James Demyan_Jr        Final Approach          


1     6.95   Jody Staley            Salty
2     5.60   Cheryl Davis           What Ever               


1       36.65  Billy Goss              Wahooligans
2       27.60  Brett Barnes            Hot Rod
3.      24.25  Danny Juel              American Pride            


1       36.65   Billy Goss             Wahooligans
2       36.50   Milton Via, Jr.        Shockwave
3.      35.85   Raymond Coleman         Mackerel Mafia 


1       36.65   Billy Goss             Wahooligans
2       36.50   Milton Via, Jr.        Shockwave
3.      35.85   Raymond Coleman        Mackerel Mafia 


1       36.65   Billy Goss             Wahooligans
2       33.35   Chris Barnes           Chum On
3.      32.05   Brent Gainey           Miller Time 


1       25.00   Stephen Welborn        Sea & Better
2       22.05   Richard Stairs         Its About Time
3.      10.30   Mark Hamner            Susan Elizabeth 


1       35.85   Raymond Coleman        Mackerel Mafia
2       26.05   Corey Bellamy          Choice of Two/OIFC     
3.      25.50   Donald Clifton         Carolina Cat    


1       37.80   Zach Faulkner          Get Floor’d
2       32.00   Jeff Morris            Triggermack



- Capt. Brant McMullan
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