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Overall Winner

Place: Captain: Boat Number: Boat Name: Weight: Time:
Place:1 Captain:Russell Spatholt Boat Number:156 Boat Name:Fish Meister Weight: 40.2 Time:10/15/2023 02:24 PM
Place:2 Captain:River D James Boat Number:124 Boat Name:Dream Catcher Weight: 39.45 Time:10/16/2023 02:16 PM
Place:3 Captain:Austin Turner Eubank Boat Number:193 Boat Name:Clearlyhooked Weight: 38.55 Time:10/16/2023 02:23 PM
Place:4 Captain:Ryan R McDade Boat Number:73 Boat Name:Daddy Let Me Drive Weight: 37.55 Time:10/15/2023 03:33 PM
Place:5 Captain:Casey O Warren Boat Number:82 Boat Name:No Credit Weight: 37.3 Time:10/15/2023 04:51 PM
Place:6 Captain:Darren Stevenson Boat Number:125 Boat Name:Karma Bites Weight: 36.3 Time:10/16/2023 04:53 PM
Place:7 Captain:cody a pyatte Boat Number:66 Boat Name:complete cleaning Weight: 35.75 Time:10/16/2023 02:34 PM
Place:8 Captain:Brett Barnes Boat Number:99 Boat Name:Hot Rod Weight: 35.5 Time:10/16/2023 05:00 PM
Place:9 Captain:Charles L Permenter Boat Number:111 Boat Name:Mining my bidness Weight: 34.25 Time:10/16/2023 04:48 PM
Place:10 Captain:Dieter Cardwell Boat Number:132 Boat Name:Tideline Weight: 34 Time:10/16/2023 04:59 PM
Place:11 Captain:Edward Julian Boat Number:45 Boat Name:Troublemaker Weight: 33.5 Time:10/15/2023 04:09 PM
Place:12 Captain:Brian C Aycock Boat Number:116 Boat Name:Hail Yeah/OIFC Weight: 33.4 Time:10/15/2023 02:58 PM
Place:13 Captain:Brent Gainey Boat Number:137 Boat Name:Miller Time Weight: 32.9 Time:10/16/2023 04:52 PM
Place:14 Captain:Chad Shingleton Boat Number:17 Boat Name:Tide one on Weight: 32.6 Time:10/15/2023 04:44 PM
Place:15 Captain:Mickey Thompson Boat Number:81 Boat Name:Sportsman's Choice Weight: 31.8 Time:10/16/2023 04:35 PM
Place:16 Captain:Don N Pritchard Boat Number:7 Boat Name:Wave Grader Weight: 31.15 Time:10/16/2023 04:43 PM
Place:17 Captain:Ryan C Williams Boat Number:141 Boat Name:CATCH 22 Charters Weight: 30.75 Time:10/16/2023 05:09 PM
Place:18 Captain:Chad Armstrong Boat Number:48 Boat Name:REEL NUTZ Weight: 29.55 Time:10/16/2023 03:57 PM
Place:19 Captain:Brant M McMullan Boat Number:10 Boat Name:OIFC Weight: 29.4 Time:10/16/2023 05:13 PM
Place:20 Captain:Barrett McMullan Boat Number:115 Boat Name:Team OIFC Weight: 28.95 Time:10/16/2023 05:12 PM
Place:21 Captain:Matt Ward Boat Number:146 Boat Name:Cotton Top Weight: 28.85 Time:10/15/2023 04:53 PM
Place:22 Captain:Brent Welborn Boat Number:98 Boat Name:Miles2Fish Weight: 28.7 Time:10/16/2023 05:06 PM
Place:23 Captain:Eric D Powell Boat Number:44 Boat Name:Concrete Money Weight: 28.5 Time:10/15/2023 04:38 PM
Place:24 Captain:mark l coley Boat Number:119 Boat Name:Hot Hooks Weight: 27.1 Time:10/16/2023 05:01 PM
Place:25 Captain:Christos C Carroll Boat Number:60 Boat Name:Fish Hard Gear Weight: 26.25 Time:10/16/2023 04:38 PM
Place:26 Captain:aaron s wilkinson Boat Number:136 Boat Name:wahooligans Weight: 26.1 Time:10/15/2023 04:57 PM
Place:27 Captain:Blake F Stone Boat Number:64 Boat Name:King snake Weight: 25.85 Time:10/16/2023 04:37 PM
Place:28 Captain:Lucas Board Boat Number:86 Boat Name:Seament Weight: 25.25 Time:10/15/2023 05:03 PM
Place:29 Captain:Scott B Swett Boat Number:151 Boat Name:Sea-Shift Weight: 25.15 Time:10/16/2023 04:42 PM
Place:30 Captain:Madison K Bumgarner Boat Number:32 Boat Name:4440 Fishing Team Weight: 24.85 Time:10/15/2023 04:28 PM
Place:31 Captain:Terry D Godwin Boat Number:164 Boat Name:Rawhide Weight: 24.4 Time:10/15/2023 04:47 PM
Place:32 Captain:Trey Styron Boat Number:57 Boat Name:Over the Top Weight: 24.15 Time:10/15/2023 04:58 PM
Place:33 Captain:clay G morphis Boat Number:88 Boat Name:Porkchop Weight: 23.95 Time:10/16/2023 04:24 PM
Place:34 Captain:William M Peele Boat Number:52 Boat Name:Lookin 2 Hookup Weight: 23.7 Time:10/15/2023 04:52 PM
Place:35 Captain:Tim Gray Boat Number:85 Boat Name:Beeracuda Weight: 23.6 Time:10/16/2023 05:02 PM
Place:36 Captain:Jeff McNeill Boat Number:30 Boat Name:Kingslayer Weight: 23.35 Time:10/16/2023 04:28 PM
Place:37 Captain:Robert L Ayers Boat Number:220 Boat Name:Range Time Guns & Outfitting Weight: 22.9 Time:10/16/2023 04:49 PM
Place:38 Captain:Aubrey Linville Boat Number:123 Boat Name:Triple Net Weight: 22.65 Time:10/15/2023 04:40 PM
Place:39 Captain:Mike Smith Boat Number:161 Boat Name:OutNumbered Weight: 21.75 Time:10/15/2023 04:42 PM
Place:40 Captain:Joey G Crisp Boat Number:101 Boat Name:Team Wee Doggie Weight: 21.1 Time:10/15/2023 04:41 PM
Place:41 Captain:Roy D Simmons Boat Number:175 Boat Name:Easy Times Weight: 21.05 Time:10/15/2023 04:14 PM
Place:42 Captain:Tony Woodell Boat Number:118 Boat Name:Contend This! Weight: 20.95 Time:10/15/2023 04:59 PM
Place:43 Captain:Keith A Berciunas Boat Number:104 Boat Name:Get Bent Weight: 20.35 Time:10/16/2023 04:46 PM
Place:44 Captain:Richard H McRae Boat Number:114 Boat Name:That's my dog Weight: 20.1 Time:10/16/2023 04:56 PM
Place:45 Captain:Joseph M. M Huggins Boat Number:212 Boat Name:Reel Happy Weight: 19.75 Time:10/16/2023 04:47 PM
Place:46 Captain:eddie Julian Boat Number:122 Boat Name:Team Rolin Weight: 19.6 Time:10/16/2023 04:54 PM
Place:47 Captain:Derek Treffinger Boat Number:199 Boat Name:Fully Loaded Marine Weight: 19.55 Time:10/15/2023 04:49 PM
Place:48 Captain:Scott C Barkley Boat Number:22 Boat Name:Loose Cannon Weight: 19.45 Time:10/15/2023 04:24 PM
Place:49 Captain:Danny Matthews Boat Number:202 Boat Name:Reel Shenanigans Weight: 18.8 Time:10/15/2023 04:33 PM
Place:50 Captain:Lee Heath Boat Number:53 Boat Name:Fin & Bones Weight: 18.45 Time:10/15/2023 04:21 PM
Place:51 Captain:Glen Williams Boat Number:110 Boat Name:Miss Ellie Weight: 18.35 Time:10/15/2023 04:43 PM
Place:52 Captain:Christopher Michael Ossmann Boat Number:179 Boat Name:Fine catch Weight: 18.25 Time:10/15/2023 04:35 PM
Place:53 Captain:Robert Malkmus Boat Number:26 Boat Name:Brew Crew Weight: 18.15 Time:10/15/2023 04:56 PM
Place:54 Captain:Jeffrey F Beck Boat Number:71 Boat Name:Do Work Weight: 17.45 Time:10/16/2023 05:08 PM
Place:55 Captain:john c Brinson Boat Number:91 Boat Name:Natural Selection Weight: 16.8 Time:10/15/2023 04:31 PM
Place:56 Captain:Travis B Shulenburger Boat Number:11 Boat Name:Team Reel Kings Weight: 16.65 Time:10/15/2023 03:48 PM
Place:57 Captain:Hunter L Moore Boat Number:34 Boat Name:Lil John/Reel em up Weight: 15.45 Time:10/15/2023 04:12 PM
Place:58 Captain:Robert L Kerr Boat Number:39 Boat Name:K4 Fishing Weight: 14.55 Time:10/15/2023 04:22 PM
Place:59 Captain:Patrick A Bryant Boat Number:130 Boat Name:Twister Weight: 14.55 Time:10/16/2023 05:04 PM
Place:60 Captain:Eris Jones Boat Number:158 Boat Name:Back-Lash Weight: 13.05 Time:10/15/2023 05:01 PM
Place:61 Captain:Charles D Joyner Boat Number:152 Boat Name:Salty Test Tackles Weight: 12.9 Time:10/15/2023 03:53 PM
Place:62 Captain:Brandon Wilkins Boat Number:144 Boat Name:King Carnivore Weight: 12.5 Time:10/16/2023 05:03 PM
Place:63 Captain:Alston Edge Boat Number:209 Boat Name:On Edge Weight: 12.05 Time:10/15/2023 04:48 PM
Place:64 Captain:Howard “TJ” A Lawson Boat Number:224 Boat Name:Brokn Bonz Weight: 11.9 Time:10/15/2023 05:05 PM
Place:65 Captain:Andrew Ward Boat Number:80 Boat Name:Reel Heel Weight: 11.75 Time:10/15/2023 04:36 PM
Place:66 Captain:Mark W Phillips Boat Number:182 Boat Name:Phillips Nursery Weight: 11.65 Time:10/16/2023 04:44 PM

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