Cash Is King Tournament is no longer active!


Click Here for Tournament Grid Instructions


  • Step 1 - Click mouse on any green block to add to your shopping cart. Once you add a TWT, HRTWT, or 23TWT to your cart, the block will turn yellow (pending purchase), making it unavailable to be added to another shopping cart. 
    *** If an item is in your cart for more than 5minutes, it will automatically be removed from your cart and go back to green or available for purchase to the public- NOTE countdown at top of the page.
  • Step 2 - Either continue shopping by repeating step 1 or choose to Check Out to complete the purchase. 
    ***There is a limit of 3 block purchases per transaction.
  • Step 3 - Review and confirm order after clicking Check Out
  • Step 4 - Enter information in the required fields. You will need a valid Visa/Mastercard to complete the transaction.
  • Step 5 - Once the transaction is complete, the block you have chosen to purchase will change to red and be unavailable to purchase. You will be given a confirmation receipt that you may print out. Your information will be processed by tournament headquarters.
  • Step 6 - Tune in to the weigh-in live at or come to the Ocean Isle Fishing Center to cheer on your team
  • Step 7 - If your team wins the TWT level which you have purchased, you will receive 90% of the available prize money, and the fishing team will receive 10%. You will be contacted within 24 hours and required to provide your SS# or Fed ID # before funds can be distributed.
  • Step 8 - Enjoy the spoils of your team’s hard work.
  • CHOOSING FAVORITES:  If you have particular teams that you want to watch their TWT status, you may click the "Add Favorite" under the "Captain Name" field.  This will move put this Team in a "FAVORITES" box and keep it front and center for you to watch.
  • PAGE UPDATES:  The page will automatically refresh every 30 SECONDS.  New TWT's can become avaialable every 30 seconds.  The "LATEST ENTRIES" box at the top right of the page will show what new boats have most recently been added to the grid.
  • ORANGE GRID SQUARES:  Keep an eye on these.  They will become available once the team authorizes release to the public on the entry form or at 10pm when ALL remaining available TWT's will be released and open for purchase.  There will be a large initial release at 12pm on Friday, June 14th, then new entries will be added every hour until a final upload at 10pm of ALL remaining entries that had not previously authorized early release of their unclaimed TWT's to the public.



Green - Available for purchase

Yellow - Pending purchase

Red - Purchased

Orange - Not released for purchase until 10pm.

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