Sunday-Saturday: 9AM-5PM


Tournament Rules

  1. Fish must be caught with hook and line.
  2. All fish must be weighed and certified at the OIFC within 24 hours of capture.  Scales are open during OIFC business hours ONLY which are posted weekly on the front door. 
  3. Boat must have signed up as OIFC Fishing Rodeo participant for the species being weighed BEFORE the fish is caught.
  4. In the event of a tie, the first fish wins.
  5. You will be automatically disqualified for cheating.  Results of cheating will be made public.
  6. Tournament decisions are made by the OIFC Fishing Rodeo rules committee and are final.
  7. All winners will be subject to a polygraph and/or CVSA test.
  8. A boat may win more than on place in each species division. 
  9. Boundaries:  If fishing from a boat, you must leave from a North or South Carolina.  If fishing on foot, you must be in North or South Carolina.
  10. Overland transport of fish is permitted.  You may bring fish to the scales by boat or vehicle so long as is it within 24 hours of capture.

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