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Fish Gloves

The classic "snot" glove can be found on every charter boat on the East Coat.  These orange gloves are the economical way to keep slimy fish under control, whether you are bringing them on board for a quick picture and release or putting them on ice for dinner.  The plastic webbing also keeps a long handled gaff from slipping out of your hands when you have to reach out for that tournament winning kingfish.  Grab a dolphin's gills without cutting your hands or hold a grouper by the tail. 

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Pelagic End Game Gloves

Heavy Duty "Sure Grip" Fishing Gloves
° Closed fingertips for maximum protection
° Kevlar reinforced
° Ideal for fishing heavy mono, spectra, or wire lines.
° Prevents line-cuts and increases angler endurance.
° Blister protection

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