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Penn Senator 113H2-4/0

The NEW Penn 113H2 is tough and durable like the original Senator.  But, the new "H2" has been updated with a new handle style and improved inner gears and drag system.  You can't beat this reel for good old, hard-core bottom fishing or as a "do everything" utility reel for anything from a Sea Bass to a Grouper to a Shark or Spanish Mackerel. The low gear ratio makes this reel great for winching on large fish. 

Recommended rods to match with:  Star Aerial EX7040, Star Aerial EX2050C-6

Line capacity:  Mono: 650/20 - 440/30 - 370/40   Braid: 760/65 - 660/80 - 560/100
Max drag: 19 pounds

**Line spooling upon request**

Our Price: $109.95 Qty:


Shimano Saragosa 8000

The 8000 Saragosa is a very good mid to heavy duty vertical jig spinning reel. It has a strong drag system and reel components that enable it to hoist large Grouper, Jacks and other monsters from the depth as well as withstand runs from midwater gamefish like Blackfin Tuna. The Saragosa features Propulsion Line Management System, Paladin Gearing, Waterproof drag and Shielded A-RB bearings. Tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power..

Line capacity:  Mono: 10/390 - 12/320 - 14/270 - 16/220 - 20/160     Braid: 40/300 - 50/295 - 65/185
Max drag: 27pounds

**Line spooling available upon request**

Our Price: $279.99 Qty:


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